Martina & Josep

Wedding Dress: Olivine Gabbro

Wedding Shoes: Maria Victoria

Hair Dresser : Diana Galí

Revenue Place: Hotel Castell Empordà

Hotel: Hotel Castell Emporda


Fate and chance wanted this couple to meet. In the apartment where Josep de Barcelona lived, two rooms were left free and he, together with the remaining tenant, decided to put up an advertisement to find new roommates. They were contacted by a girl with the following message: “I am a Swiss-Italian girl who I have lived all my life in the United States and is looking to share room in Barcelona.” Josep was alarmed and thought he had to meet this Girl and wanted her to be her new roommate. With a little effort he got it and in the first month the coexistence was like friends, until one night they went to party together and without happening nothing intuited that the friendship went to more. She had shared a floor with other guys before and wanted to keep the distance for what could happen, although Josep liked. The insistence paid off and indeed here we have them getting married at the Hotel Castell d’Empordà 8 years later.

Last summer, after discussing the issue of a possible marriage, returning from Martina’s parents’ house and walking along the beach decided to make this step forward in the relationship together. It was a conversation of friends, without romanticism and for that reason after a few months and in Barcelona Josep surprised it with a ring.
The place chosen to make the religious ceremony and the invitation was the Hotel Castell Emporda, situated in a unique natural environment. The hotel has rooms for the guests and an impressive suite for the couple that makes it possible for the couple to change and sleep after the party. The day did not invite to do a ceremony outdoors, it rained but not very insistently and the danger of marrying abroad was in danger, although everything was well prepared for the occasion. Finally, the prayers of the bride and groom became reality and, 15 minutes before the ceremony began, the sun rose, although a very important element “Mossèn” was missing. He had been lost and we could not get in touch with him, he decided to continue with the wedding, replacing the mossèn with a familiar speaker. You can imagine, what nerves! For the bride kept her composure and we all did as if nothing. 10 minutes after the ceremony began between the wheat fields you see a car coming at full speed and the mossé leaves, just in time to continue with the ceremony and do the exchange of rings.
Taking advantage of the last rays of light we made the first photos of the couple as husband and wife by the nearby fields and the chapel, they really looked like a pair of models and if you judged yourselves.
We wish that everything continues to go so well in this new stage as before!