(Gemma, Patri, Teresa, Paula)

Sharing the wedding day always creates a special bond with the couple, especially with the bride, who is the one who has the initiative and the last word with the preparations and the details. So I had been thinking of doing something innovative and at the same time, allowing me to meet all those people who have been part of Asieraltuna weddings, and who wanted to share with us the day of their wedding.

The idea that surrounded me was bold, since it involved making an indecent proposal to all those brides I knew, a proposal that I knew that not many would be able to accept. I launched the initiative on Facebook, without details, and waited to see how many contacted me. The claim was that it opened the doors to all those who wanted to participate in another project of Asieraltuna, however, they had to accept the conditions that entailed: the dress could get dirty. A few brave people came to the end and we were able to agree on the day, time and place for the session. Still, some would still retire at the last moment. But let’s go in parts, how was the idea built?

The inspiration came by contemplating a Holi festival, originally from India but lately it has also spread throughout Europe. The vivid colours instead of the pure white of the brides. Before developing the project it took the involvement of many, the construction of a Storyboard, the planning of extra elements, the determination of the environment and even the creation of the soundtrack of the moment.

We love the result and, once again, demonstrate that it is necessary to give credit to these primitive ideas that, with effort and dedication, can take the form that we want to give it. We want you to like it and to see our illusion and dedication through the images.

To thank all the collaborators and people who have participated, as well as all the brides, since without them none of this would have been possible.