Rosemary & Bruno

Location: The village of Mura and Puig de la Balma (Catalunya)

This Peruvian couple discovered my web from Peru and they located me. They had very clear ideas, since they came from their country and wanted a photo shoot in the beautiful region of Bages, Mura and Puig de la Balma.

A Mediterranean landscape surrounds the irregular medieval streets of Mura, made of stone. Losing yourself through its narrow streets allows you to transport yourself into the past, to imagine a more authentic and rural life. This small town offered us several nooks and crannies where I could portray the couple while enjoying the surroundings. The photos reflect the naurality of both, and also their complicity and love.
After exploring the whole population, I accompanied the couple to the imposing Puig de la Balma, best known for appearing in the award-winning film Pa Negre. It is a house built inside a natural rock wall. The balconies, which can be visited, stand out from the vertical stone, as if the facade of a building. The couple was fortunate enough to be able to visit the inside habitats, now turned into a museum, and see traditional objects of another century. They were also able to try a Catalan tradition such as drinking fresh water from a “canti” (pitcher).